Dempsey Automotive perform maintenance and repair works on all car and van models.

Each car serviced receives a free mini-valet.

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NCT Preparation & Repairs

All vehicles must pass an NCT test in order for them to be deemed roadworthy, in the result of a failure they will have to undergo certain repairs. Dempsey Automotive specialise in ensuring each vehicle we see is ready for an NCT test upon leaving our garage. We provide a comprehensive check of your vehicle covering all aspects that will be checked during the NCT test and flagging any possible points of failure we come across.

We ensure each vehicle we see leaves our garage ready to pass the NCT test. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Clutch Servicing

At Dempsey Automotive we can accurately assess and, if necessary, repair any issues you are having with your clutch. A properly maintained clutch is essential to the smooth running of your vehicle and any issues usually result in some quite obvious warning signs. Some common indicators that something may be wrong with your clutch include:

  • If you notice your biting point is now higher.

  • Your vehicle is shaking/vibrating whilst you are changing gears.

  • A reduction in resistance when you are changing gear.

  • If you are experiencing high RPMs at a lower speed.

  • A smell of burning.

If you notice any of these issues it is important you get your vehicle to be serviced by a qualified mechanic such as those at Dempsey Automotive right away.

Brake Servicing

We also provide a complete assessment and servicing of your vehicle’s brakes to ensure your vehicle is safe to operate. Brakes will be checked as part of your annual service but problems can arise at any time, some common indicators that something may be wrong with your brakes include:

  • Brake light signal has appeared on your dashboard.

  • You notice a persistent noise when braking.

  • Your vehicle is pulling either right or left when braking.

  • Your steering wheel is shaking when you brake.

  • Your brake response time is delayed or your vehicle is taking longer to stop.

  • Your brake pedal has a different feel.

If you notice any of these issues bring your vehicle to Dempsey Automotive ASAP for a complete service and repair.


Dempsey Automotive carry out complete vehicle diagnostics using the latest equipment provided by Bosch. We are able to accurately and effectively diagnose any problems with your vehicle’s electronics and provide appropriate solutions.

Call Dempsey Automotive to schedule your vehicle for a complete diagnostics check.

Wheel Alignment

Dempsey Automotive use innovative technology to check the alignment of your wheels and ensure you are maximising the effectiveness of your vehicle’s tyres and steering. When your car leaves our garage all wheels will be properly set leaving you with a smooth, straight drive.

Call Dempsey Automotive to schedule have your wheel alignment serviced.

Dempsey Automotive

Dempsey Automotive provides vehicle maintenance and repair services to customers based throughout Dublin. We cover all aspects of maintenance for cars and vans, specialising in NCT preparations, clutch servicing, brake servicing and vehicle diagnostics.
At Dempsey Automotive we have an experienced, highly skilled team able to accurately assess and, if necessary, repair cars and vans of all models. All repairs come with a warranty and any parts purchased from Dempsey Automotive also come with a 12-month warranty. We never undertake any work without receiving the customer’s approval beforehand.
Dempsey Automotive provides a collection and delivery service for your vehicle if required, and we are also available to provide a fast and efficient breakdown service for those in need.


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